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Star Cruiser Titan by C. G. Mosley



Located on a top-secret base on the dark side of the moon, the SC Titan has just been completed. A star cruiser unlike anything the world has ever seen, the Titan can carry 40 star fighters called Comets, and with them, an elite roster of pilots and crewmen—the best of the best.

When first contact is made with a highly advanced alien race, the Titan and her crew are dispatched on a journey across the galaxy. A journey that will have far reaching consequences for all of humanity.











To understand the sequel, you'll have to go read where it all began.  So check out some details below on the first book, written by talented author, C.G. Mosley:



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Star Cruiser Titan 2: The Abandoned Secret by C. G. Mosley & Shannon Rogers

The Star Cruiser Titan’s maiden voyage has taken them beyond the galaxy to assist an alien species in desperate need. Upon arrival, they discover that maybe they can’t distinguish friend from foe. The ship’s crew members find themselves divided between missions, each fighting to survive an imminent and unexpected threat.

Allies are formed.

Missions are fought, won, or defeated.

Lives are lost.

Yet, the Titan’s crew must utilize every effort and means to conquer an enemy bent on destruction and subjugation of races…including all of humanity.

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